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Elevate your hockey tiles and training experience with HockeyShot’s flooring accessories.

We carry a wide selection of flooring accessories in Canada, including edging for puck and ball loading and rebounding foam for passing and stickhandling practice.

We even offer an Extreme Glide Polish to help you keep your tiles sparkly clean and slick for realistic gameplay!

At HockeyShot, we know your needs will change as you and your skills grow. We carry accessories for you to customize your flooring as your skills develop.

Personalize your hockey shot flooring tiles with our accessories to create a more customized training experience.


Elevate your at-home training experience and get that home-ice advantage you’ve been looking for with our flooring accessories in Canada.

  • Patent-pending clipping system for easy assembling & disassembling
  • Personalize for skill-building training
  • Customize for various experience levels
  • Make passing easier
  • Easy to clean
  • Edging prevent pucks from sliding off
  • Provides push-off for skate stride drills
  • Made of durable materials
  • Compatible with any puck or stickhandling ball
  • Stimulates realistic gameplay
  • Accessories are compatible with Dryland Flooring Tiles Allstar★Edition & Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles.


  • Edging: Edging makes it easy to load pucks and balls and prevents pucks from sliding off
  • Rebounding Foam: Rebounding foam is ideal for passing training as it provides an immediate rebounding response
  • Polish: Polish can be used to clean dryland & synthetic ice tiles and maintain slick ice-feel