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Build balance and agility to leave your opponents in the dust. Train with HockeyShot’s slide boards.

Not a hockey player? Don’t worry. We carry Slide Boards in Canada to improve the performance training of different athletes worldwide.

Training with a slide board will help you build power and strength in your legs and get an edge over anyone who tries to beat you.

Whether you are competing on the ice, court, or field, training with a slide board will help you become a valuable player.

We sell premium slide boards in Canada to help players improve their agility, balance, and more. Train with a slide board to build limitless endurance.


Before you become an excellent hockey player, you need to become an excellent skater. When you train with a skating slide board, you can build your skating agility and endurance.

Reap the benefits of skate training with our hockey slide boards and related accessories available across Canada.

  • No assembly required
  • Different lengths & accessories available
  • Made from durable, heavy grade reinforced materials
  • Can be used for different training drills and exercises
  • Targets the exact muscles used in skating to build skating skills
  • Can help increase and improve speed, acceleration, stride, lateral power, agility & endurance
  • Ideal for core exercises
  • Can be integrated into complete training workouts
  • Can be used for side to side sliding
  • Customizable for training; can add shooting pad etc.
  • Usable on any hard flat surface
  • Suitable for all ages and experience levels
  • Fully adjustable
  • Includes booties
  • Easy to clean & maintain


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  • Slide Board Booties
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